Sex still sells: Embracing the new sexual revolution

Is sexual wellbeing the new sexual revolution? Romantic and innocent love usually takes centre stage around Valentine’s Day (think: kids exchanging cards), but just like everything else during the pandemic, it is going to look different this year. And it’s not just...

Latest wellbeing trend: Sexual wellness

Latest wellbeing trend: Sexual wellness The definition of self care is evolving and it looks like 2020, the year of isolation, meant that sex and self-pleasure were not only regular activities, but were talked about more than ever.  “Sex is a basic human need for a...

Can virtual meetings actually improve wellbeing?

It’s a new year, and I hope yours has gotten off to a healthy start. If necessity is the mother of invention, then the pandemic has been the mother of all sorts of inventiveness! We’ve been forced to think creatively to redefine “gatherings” in both our personal and...

2020 has been one to remember hasn’t it?

While there are surely *some* parts of the year we may wish to forget, as we turn to a new calendar, I’m going to try to identify the parts I actually want to savour and take with me to 2021 and beyond.  Like focusing on what’s REALLY important: The wellbeing of my...
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Is wellbeing washed up?

When inauthentic brands tried to hop on the environmental bandwagon, they were accused of “green-washing.” Now consumers are calling out brands for what’s perceived as “well-washing.” Could your brand be accused of this practice?

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Is wellbeing washed up?

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