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Opting in to opting out

Before Mother’s Day, I received emails offering to let me opt out of upcoming Mother’s Day newsletters. Not all holidays make people feel warm and fuzzy and it’s important to let your consumers customize their preferences. Having said that, a recent article questions these opt-out emails suggesting that another layer of sensitivity and personalization be built in from day one: why not let consumers choose which emails to opt out of when they first sign up or make a purchase? This might mean more work in setting up your email outreach but makes for a better customer journey overall.

What small steps can you take to be more sensitive to your consumers while personalizing their journey?




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Kraft Heinz leverages innovation, personalized marketing to offset consumer ‘uncertainty’ related to inflation

Kraft Heinz saw consumers rediscovering their brand during the pandemic and plan to use the insights they collected during that time to inform their marketing strategy to help offset consumer uncertainty as the price of just about everything rises right now. 

The takeaway: The company has dubbed its AI-powered content creation tool the Kraft-O-Matic Insights Generator, which will consolidate 32 billion consumer records. Whether you have billions of consumers or just a few, it’s never too late to start looking into personalization. One would think that Kraft Heinz already had a sophisticated personalization strategy, but these strategies are always changing as the consumer landscape shifts.




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Lessons in Personalization: What Netflix Can Teach Marketing & Sales Teams

While Netflix may be losing subscribers right now, their business model has been stable for years and part of that has to do with the sheer level of personalization they incorporate into their platform. 

The takeawayWe love how this article breaks down the way Netflix categorizes its users. For instance, not everyone who watches The Avengers loves superheroes. Some are just there to ogle Chris Hemsworth. Netflix uses this information to create customized movie promotions that show certain actors for certain audiences. The article also gives some great tips for how to use your buyer personas to start the personalization process and how to keep your consumers engaging with your content.



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Coach Dad: Father’s Day Surprise for Ronald McDonald House

Get out the tissues, this video is a tear jerker. What a great pr stunt for a good cause.

Behind-the-scenes social videos for TV show Jann

Custom content can be fun and easy to create. We love how the producers of Jann created some extra laughs with behind-the-scenes footage of the cast singing an R&B throwback featured in the show.

Hair quiz by Aveda

This quiz that lives on the Aveda site enables visitors to experience personalized product recommendations based on their hair types. It’s a simple and fun feature that adds a lot of value to prospective consumers.


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