The content issue

The content issue

Are you a Starbucks, Second Cup or Tim Hortons person?

Walk into any store, or log on to any web browser or social media platform, and we are virtually bombarded with brands. What makes you choose one brand over another? What inspires you to try out a new brand, or to give the generic store brand a try instead?

Any good relationship is built and reinforced with every interaction, over time, including those between brands and consumers. So how can you effectively strengthen your relationship as a brand with your desired audience? Consider this: 70% of consumers say they feel closer to a brand after interacting with their content.

What’s more, 93% want you to share things with them they may not otherwise have seen and 92% believe brands have expertise and value to add to the conversation.

So where to begin? Rather than turning custom publishing solely over to marketers, brands are hiring top journalists who can bring an editorial approach to their work, creating brand content that reflects the level of quality and integrity consumers seek.

At Felicity, we help brands tap into these opportunities, leveraging our team of editors and journalists, podcast and TV producers, subject matter experts and of course, relationships with influencers and media, to develop content that’s tailored to win the hearts and minds of your target consumer.

But don’t take it from us. In this issue, we explore some content best practices and to share some ideas we love.




Wellbeing from around the web

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How emotional connection with content drives ad performance

People recall ad messages more when they’re deeply engaged in the content the ads surround. This article uses live sports events, like the Superbowl, as examples citing that those who were rooting for a specific team were six percent more likely to recall ads than those who didn’t have a favourite team, and people who placed money on the outcomes were 16 percent more likely to recall ads.

The takeaway: While buying ads for sporting events isn’t an option for every brand, this is a good reminder to think critically about where you advertise and publish content. Are the readers and viewers engaged on those platforms? Are they excited about the content? For branded content to be effective, the audience should be enthusiastic about consuming it.




Canadians are increasingly comfortable sharing their data; 40 per cent have increased their online activity since the start of the pandemic

A surprising 82 percent of Canadians are comfortable sharing their data with businesses online. This is in line with many of the 16 countries that were surveyed for this report. In order to share their data, the number one factor for Canadians is trust. Next is receiving free services and products in exchange.

The takeawayRemember that users see sharing data as an exchange. They want to feel that they’re getting something valuable in return—and they want to feel safe doing so. To put your consumers at ease, make sure your website is secure, you explain how you will use their data and how it will benefit them.



Content creation

Highlighting brilliant branded content

At Felicity, we have a collective approach to content that allows us to brainstorm and craft creative content our clients and their consumers will love. Our Content Collective is like a focus-group-meets-editorial-board. It’s our process of identifying the “influencers of influencers” for our clients, and bringing them together with the client team to co-create the brand’s narrative strategy. If your brand is just beginning to figure out your ownable territory in terms of the stories you want to tell and the best channels for telling them, this is a perfect place to start.

Here is the branded content from around the web that we’re loving this month.

Gather Magazine, by Fable

Sustainable tableware brand Fable created this online magazine that features interviews, recipes and of course, table styling articles. By including interviews with experts outside of Fable, the content feels truly editorial and authentic.

Stroller Coaster, a parenting podcast by Munchkin

Not only is the name adorable and witty, but this podcast just makes sense. Munchkin has enough brand awareness to stand out in the parenting category and their additional STORYTIME! podcast for kids gives the brand another way to connect with families.

What should you feed your picky eater tonight? the kitchn in partnership with Prego

Content doesn’t need to fit into a traditional article or blog post. We love this fun, interactive quiz for Prego that makes meal planning simple for parents. 


Content creation


We loved seeing client Abby Tobias of event production company Sole Power profiled in the Toronto Star. Read about his connections to Drake and how social media has impacted his business.


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