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Digital by design vs digital by default

Imagine knowing exactly the steps you need to take for your team to be both productive AND happy when working virtually.

Here at Felicity, we’ve been Digital by Design from the start. So we’re familiar with the surprises that come with working this way.

You were forced to dive in head-first, with no notice, and no game plan. You’ve managed to make it work. Now, you’re realizing you can do this for the long-term.

The question is: How can you turn this transition into a positive move for your organization? And, how can you fast-forward the process to save your time and money?

The data shows virtual workers gain nearly one extra day PER WEEK of productivity. But it also shows this may come at the expense of individual happiness.

Felicity - working from home

Over the past nine years building Felicity, we’ve come to know that working from home can be great. And, it can also be isolating and hard to manage.

We’ve cracked the code to being both productive and happy. Case in point: More than 65% of our team has been with Felicity for 5 years or longer, whereas typical agency turnover is 24% per year. Now, we want to help you and your team experience this, too.

Does this sound familiar?


Are you longing to return to your corner office (and leave the corner of your bedroom behind)? Are some of your employees wanting to work from home permanently, while others can’t wait to get back to the office?


Do you find yourself missing the commute you used to loathe? The distinct transition between work and home? Heck, even the time to catch up on podcasts or reading?


Are you holding out hope that things will go back to normal, but feel deep down that life and business will never ‘go back’?


Are your decisions about going digital being made in reactive mode, in a vacuum or tilt-a-whirl? Are you worried that you’re missing key efficiencies, or worse, wasting time and resources?

If you’re sick of making do in a digital hodge-podge, you need someone who knows how to build a digital enterprise to help you identify the gaps, and build a seamless plan that will suit your business now, and into the ‘New’ future- and bring you more time and money! What would you do with at least 13% more money? 13% more time?

You’re why we’ve launched Felicity Works.™ As your own fractional “Chief Remote Officer” or in a consulting capacity, we partner with you to take action, and get you from point A to point B.

We’ll guide you from feeling overwhelmed to being intentional about reimagining your organization. We’ll help you shift your team, your workflows and your culture to digital, supporting you step by step through the process, as you write your new playbook chapter by chapter.

This is for you if:


Your organization went digital by default in 2020. You may still be operating in patchwork mode, hobbling along with the tech and the operations initially intended to tide you over through the Coronavirus pandemic.


You had a rock-solid culture built on in-person interactions and you’re worried the connection is now touch and go, just like those videoconference “happy hours” you’ve tried hosting.


You’re exhausted and frustrated from the time it’s been taking to set up your company virtually. Has putting out virtual fires become your full time job, on top of your real job?

Without us, you can make passive, incremental progress.


you can take action to pivot your business to a Digital by Design model with ease and efficiency, using expert-level guidance and support.

Why wait to reap these benefits?

Right now, we know you want to:


Trust your team completely (without feeling compelled to micromanage)


Figure out how to shift your culture to allow for family dynamics


Get back the culture-building and casual catch-up aspects of being in the office. Bring back the office drop-bys and water cooler!


Feel a sense of mastery and ease


Focus on your real work, not on the operational legwork

And surely, you want to stop…


Feeling out of control and disconnected from your team


Seeing your team members struggle to keep life afloat while still doing good work (maybe you’re experiencing a bit of this, too)


Tech work-arounds that don’t enable full collaboration


Social isolation.

Felicity Works will help you bound over the hurdles to becoming a well-oiled, virtual, Digital by Design machine.

  • You’re tired of the legwork of trial and error. You just want someone to show you what you’re *supposed to do* so you can focus your energy and time elsewhere
  • You’re longing for mentors who can guide you with proven ways that work, so you can focus on doing your real work
  • You want to benefit from the experiences of other leaders who are all braving this transition together
  • You need a safe place to ask questions, get feedback and tap into *here’s what to do* support

Since no two organizations are alike, we tailor every engagement to meet your most pressing needs. As your own fractional Chief Remote Officer, or on a consulting basis. Some of the issues we can help you tackle include:

  • How to stop spinning your wheels trying to get things done
  • How to take your tech game from tinkering to tackling
  • How to take your company from surviving to thriving now that there are no walls; or at least fewer of them
  • How to build the most rock-solid culture, without relying on ping pong tables, drink carts or even water coolers
  • Creating an enriching and supportive environment, and get your team on the same page
  • How to make the best — and most safe — use of that beautiful office space just waiting for you (and eating into your cash flow)
  • How to have presence as a leader, without being present in-person
  • How to thrive by embracing full-fledged flexibility
  • How to tell if this is all working

Deep Dives:
We’ve created a selection of working sessions to help you tackle specific challenges. Bring us in for one, two, or mix-and-match a few:


Identifying & overcoming roadblocks

Week 1

You really do want to trust your team completely. But now that you can’t see people working, you feel disconnected and out of control. Everyone hates a micromanager, but that’s what you find yourself doing in the absence of physical observation. Speaking of physical presence, how can we possibly do things like prevent cultural erosion and have informal conversations without being in the same office? We’ll start by calling out the roadblocks you know — and even unearthing some roadblocks you aren’t aware of. Then, we’ll hone in on strategies for overcoming them.

You’ve worked so hard to nurture a positive team culture. It was easy to thrive in person. From team-building activities to informal watercooler talk, culture came naturally. But now that everybody is working remotely, it’s been tough to keep engagement up. We’ll start by identifying the unique aspects of your culture. Then, we’ll work through the steps of transitioning it so it’s rich across workplaces. You’ll gain access to our Felicity team handbook, so you can see a tried-and-true example.


Nurturing team culture & engagement

Week 2


Leading with presence and effectiveness

Week 3

Being visible and having presence as a leader is key to being effective. Your team needs to see you; to feel your enthusiasm and insights. In this session, we’ll look at adapting your leadership style so it meets the needs of your distributed team. We’ll also explore how you may be able to capitalize on the nature of virtual work so your team feels even closer to you, and to one another, than before.

How do you coach and develop your team members so they’re contributing and feeling at their best? Keep the pulse of your team members’ progress, without equating responsiveness to results? Manage and evaluate performance? The same goes for learning and presentation styles, where some employees may thrive working online and others may find it stifling. We will uncover how to put the pieces in play.


Developing and growing your team: Management, mentorship, hiring and onboarding

Week 4


Optimizing physical and digital tools & tech

Week 5

The number of apps and platforms to underpin virtual work is so vast, it can be overwhelming. In this workshop we’ll take a look at your tech stack. Are there any square pegs you’ve been trying to fit into round holes? We’ll create a short list of small changes to make that will make a big difference. We’ll also journey back to the basics. Sometimes it’s a matter of stripping away tech in order to optimize your work.

Your office has all the bells and whistles. And you’re paying the price for it. Some of your team members may be raring to get back in there, while others now relish in working from home. One size definitely doesn’t fit all and you’ll come out of today with a concrete sense of how to tailor your office space and work time to your team’s needs. In this session, we’ll help you discover how much space you really need, and how to make the best use of it for your evolved team.


Making your office spaces work for you: How much, how often, for what?

Week 6


Communicating charismatically and effectively

Week 7

Do you find yourself wishing you could stop playing meeting and phone tag, and start getting work done? Broken telephone can be a serious problem, especially when you may shy away from using a telephone in the first place. You’re accustomed to being across the hall from your team, where communications can be more fluid. But now that you’re not in the same location or even available at the same times, how can you get your work done together? We’ll help you adopt best practices for your team so you’re working like a well-oiled machine.

By now, you’ll have all the foundational pieces in place. But it needs to be underpinned by your mental and physical wellbeing, and that of your team. From managing workflow to setting up your work day, it’s time to put on the important finishing touches to solidify your success for the long term. And as they say, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so you’ll leave with a set of metrics to know you’re on the mark.


Embracing full-fledged flexibility & wellbeing (and measuring your success)

Week 8

“How do I move forward, and how much does it cost?”

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there’s so little we can control. Here’s one thing you CAN. We’ll work with you to tailor a solution to your organization and situation.

Drop us a line here to setup your discovery meeting today.


Can you help me with tech issues?
We’ll save you tons of legwork by pointing you in the right direction as you choose the hi-tech and low-tech systems to ensure smooth operations for your team. And we can hook you up with the people and resources to help with implementation.

Are you an affiliate for any digital collaboration tools? 
We admit, the prospect of getting a kickback for selling some of the umpteen SaaS digital collaboration tools was attractive. But even more attractive was the ability to be unaffiliated and unbiased, to help Felicity Digital by Design clients select the product(s) that work for them and their teams. In short, no, we are not affiliated with any technology platform.

Who we are
Felicity founder and president Amy Laski has been sought out for her expertise in running a virtual business, since long before Zoom became a verb. Check out some of this press coverage:

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