Our collective approach to marketing wellbeing

As a virtual team, where clients invest in Brains, not Bricks™, wellbeing is embedded into the way we work.
We have the right people, working well.
Wellbeing is an area we know intimately, and is where our passion lies.
It’s where many of our relationships thrive.
It’s why clients choose to work with us because we bring them outstanding value.

Welcome to the Felicity Content Collective

In today’s market, one-way “outreach” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Our Felicity Content Collective process engages influencers and stakeholders to co-create a 360 degree view of the brand, and identify opportunities to drive bottom-line growth.

Whether it’s a journalist or a scientist, a dietitian or a social media superstar, we bring the right people to your table to provide the kind of perspectives only an insider would know.

Together we identify key insights, early warning signs, and emerging opportunities within your category so you can take action.

Felicity Content Studios puts these insights into action.

It’s time to own your wellbeing story

Today’s consumer doesn’t only want to hear about you from others – they’re eager to get to know you directly. Custom content owned by the brand is an important way to educate, entertain and engage customers – and give them the inside scoop about what sets your brand apart.

In a crowded field, however, mere words won’t cut it. With 90% of businesses getting in on the content marketing game, it’s important not just to churn out content but to produce the thought-provoking, exciting and engaging stories your target audience wants to read.

You may already be familiar with the Felicity Brains not Bricks™ advantage, in which our clients reap the benefits of the talents, ideas and storytelling expertise of Felicity’s award-winning communications team – minus the usual overhead costs. Bringing together brand stakeholders, content creators and newsmakers, the Content Collective by Felicity is a panoramic process that yields an actionable 360-degree picture of your brand and its opportunities.

The Felicity Content Studios is the next step to tapping into these opportunities, leveraging a team of journalists, TV/video producers, art directors and creatives, tailored to win the hearts and minds of your target customer. Your brand becomes its own media company by crafting cross-channel content.

Benefits of partnering with Felicity

  • Be prepared with early warning signals of brand/category issues: Learn key insights that impact your bottom line so you can take action
  • Insights into your brand to help drive your bottom line
  • Opportunity to become your own media company by crafting cross-channel content united by a consistent storytelling arc
  • One-stop content shop from ideation, narrative development and trend-spotting to writing and influencer engagement
  • A tailored team of strategic storytellers embedded in your brand, who understand how to craft stories that resonate, change mindsets and incite action. No one-size-fits-all content developers here.
  • An independent agency that can work with members of your in-house team as well as current suppliers and partners
  • The efficiencies and flexibility enabled by our virtual model, with flat-rate, no-surprises billing

Felicity Content Studios

The Felicity Content Studio leadership team brings to your table years of experience developing strategic, standout custom content. They work with the top content creators and professional journalists out there, who have the research and storytelling chops to tell your story. Be it through the written word, video, or photography, we ensure the creators working on your business best embody your brand’s voice.

Our wellbeing experience

For our team members, being on the pulse of the wellbeing space is not just a professional passion, it’s a way of life. It’s why clients choose to work with us, and we bring them outstanding value.

As a brand with kindness in its DNA, KIND Healthy Snacks wanted to mark World Kindness Day by driving consumers to give back, while also standing out on what had become a crowded occasion. 

After Ten Thousand Villages underwent a complete brand refresh and renovation,  Felicity successfully positioned the brand as the leading destination for meaningful gifting.

Our new research shows major gaps between how Canadians want wellbeing marketing to make them feel, and how it actually makes them feel. Find out what this misalignment means for your brand and how you can earn the trust of consumers to market well.

Is wellbeing washed up?

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How can I take my brand’s wellbeing story from languishing to flourishing?

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