The wellbeing of zero judgement

The wellbeing of zero judgement 

I never miss an issue of the Globe & Mail Amplify newsletter, and find it lives up to its promise to “inspire[s] and challenge[s] readers by highlighting the voices and insights of women at The Globe and across Canada.”

A recent edition by columnist Elizabeth Renzetti really hit the (perfectly unmanicured) nail on the head in terms of my own approach to feeling good this summer.

In it, she writes about the “‘great unloosening’…a relaxation in the policing of women’s beauty and fashion standards – not just by workplaces, but by other women as well.” I love how Renzetti applied the Michael Pollan treatise on food (Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants) to fashion “Wear clothes. From your closet. That make you happy.”

There have always been so many expectations and rigid definitions of what’s acceptable when it comes to how we work and what we wear. As the pandemic-triggered “great unloosening” evolves, I hope it spurs “the great accepting.” Acceptance of others and acceptance of ourselves as a huge factor in our overall wellbeing.




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Understanding the Canadian consumer of the moment

Image: Pixabay

Pwc Canada has released the results of its most recent consumer survey covering retail trends, loyalty programs and sustainability—and it looks like Canadians are lagging behind when it comes to sustainable shopping habits. We’re there in spirit, but just not in action, yet.

The takeaway: To close the gap between Canadians’ desire to shop more sustainability and their actions, we need to up the accessibility factor. Clearly communicate the benefits of your locally-made, eco-friendly product and make buying the right thing, the easy thing by ensuring an omnichannel experience. launches with ‘wellbeing for all’ as its goal

Can robots—or chatbots—help people deal with anxiety, depression and other wellbeing concerns? A new platform being launched by Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster in partnership with lululemon, Wysdom.AI, Queen’s University, Microsoft and Mitacs promises that AI virtual agents can help humans better understand their physical and mental health.

The takeaway: Personalization in wellbeing is reaching a new level of digital sophistication. As consumers become more accustomed to tailored wellbeing practices, they’ll come to expect it from brands as well. What can you do to make your consumer journey more customized?


MarketWell Voices: Amy Gibbons on how Canada Life shows Canadians that it cares

This month we spoke with Amy Gibbons, ​​Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Individual Customer (Insurance & Wealth) at Canada Life about how the company supported Canadians’ health and wellbeing during the pandemic while also growing the business. Amy also shared her own take on how she personally managed this challenging time.

“It’s so important to look after your team’s mental and physical health and it truly makes a difference for them as people. I also don’t take myself as seriously – how can I when my children and dogs join my Teams calls at the most inopportune times? It’s made me a more authentic and relatable leader.”

Read the full interview on the blog.


Felicity case study: Choosing KIND in Canada

Two consumers walk into a store…

Sounds like the start of a joke. But to our clients at KIND, the plethora of snack choices facing their consumers is no laughing matter. Check out the story of how we worked with KIND to give Canadians a reason to “choose KIND” and grew sales year-over-year as a result.  To whet your appetite, we’ve added new footage and details.



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As the nationwide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health. The work they are doing is even more important now, than ever.

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