Are your consumers quitting?

Are your consumers quitting?

Wellness and wellbeing are not the abstract ideas they were even two years ago. Heightened anxiety, stress and a global pandemic have taught consumers what it means to be and feel well, to strive for and find balance in their lives.

As wellbeing marketers, we have to be ahead of the curve, showing that we understand consumers’ struggles and that we want to help. Are you ready to help your consumers find balance? Find some thought-provoking ideas in this issue.




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Employees Want Wellbeing From Their Jobs, and They’ll Leave to Find It

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The great resignation is sweeping the western world. After a year and a half of pandemic restrictions, which actually led to increased flexibility, many people simply do not want to return to the office—or their jobs, at all. The main reason for quitting? Not feeling supported by their employers or feeling that their employers’ values don’t match their own.

The takeaway: At Felicity, we are flexible work pioneers, having always been a “brains not bricks” agency. A decade since our launch, wellbeing and work/life balance are top of mind—and consumers are putting their wellbeing first. People are sacrificing careers to find a better match for their values, so quitting a brand over mis-matched beliefs is no biggie for them. Almost 50% of consumers will leave brands that lack purpose. How can you show your audience that you value their wellbeing and help them make it a priority?



Interoception: the hidden sense that shapes wellbeing

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Interoception is one of the fastest-growing topics in neuroscience and psychology. It is the skill of tuning into and listening to the signals our bodies send us, for instance, trying to feel your heart beating in your chest and connecting its rhythm to your mental state.  It’s seen by experts as a key mechanism to mental and physical health. So what can wellbeing marketers learn from the new science?

The takeawayConnecting with consumers is about creating an emotional response. How can you help them tune into those feelings in a deeper way?



We love: Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Jen Gunter dispels wellness myths in this podcast series for TED. It’s informative, fun to watch and builds her brand, all while serving the consumer. Watch this episode on cleanses.



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