Is trying to do too much jeopardizing your wellbeing?

Is trying to do too much jeopardizing your wellbeing?

As wellbeing marketers we have a lot of responsibilities these days. There’s the weight we’re bearing in our personal lives: being a good friend AND caregiver AND partner AND parent AND teacher…the list goes on.

On the professional front, our audiences are looking to our products or services to wear many hats, too. Case in point:  This article in Strategy Magazine about the rise of “calmtainment,” in that consumers expect to be both entertained and soothed by many of their favourite brands and media outlets. That’s a lot for any brand to bear.

Now that consumers have come to expect this level of empathy from brands, there’s no turning back.

How do we, as marketers, continue to do our own—and our brand’s—“day jobs” while fulfilling all these expectations?

Perhaps until now, you’ve been viewing your brand’s functional benefits as separate from its more emotional, wellbeing benefits. “We deliver great taste AND donate to worthy causes.”

What if we could just wear one hat, a “wellbeing” hat? Instead of viewing what your brand does to support wellbeing and what it does functionally as two separate things, can you make it so that the functional and wellbeing benefits are the same?

Today’s MarketWell includes some ways to help you do just that.



Wellbeing from around the web


Bed Bath & Beyond keys into homes’ evolving role with new positioning

There’s a link between people’s “sanctuaries” and their overall happiness, according to a survey by Bed Bath & Beyond. Since many people likely wouldn’t refer to their home as a “sanctuary” these days, the company’s new “Home, Happier” campaign positions them as an authority to improve consumers’ homes and moods.

The Takeaway: As I wrote in a recent article for Strategy, “our homes have become the Swiss Army Knives of buildings.” Any brand can help its audience create a sense of sanctuary. Simply consider ways in which you can make everyday moments more convenient and budget-friendly while breaking up the monotony. Read the article for more tips.




Living with the Times: new toolkit helps older adults maintain good mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization’s Living With The Times toolkit “contains illustrated posters with key messages for older adults on how to maintain their well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting those around them at the same time.” The toolkit includes

facilitation notes for caregivers and shares tips about staying healthy, mood improvement, getting help and coping with grief and loss.

The Takeaway: You don’t need to be the World Health Organization to create wellbeing resources for your audience but you do need to do your research and present relevant, useful information that’s focused on helping rather than selling. Gather influencers and experts to create resources that will resonate with your audience and improve their lives. See how Felicity used this strategy to help harried parents during “morning crunch time” for our client, Breakfast Cereals Canada.



Fact or Fad: how “clean” is causing a divide

It’s not surprising that Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop brand is causing controversy again. This time, it’s not about vaginal steaming or her one-cigarette-a-week habit. It’s about the word “clean.” Read the blog post on why we refuse to get our hands dirty!


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To your wellbeing,
Amy Laski
Founder and President
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