Gucci and Nerf rethink what wellness looks like

Gucci and Nerf rethink what wellness looks like

What do Gucci and Nerf have in common?

They are two of the brands we’ve featured in this edition of MarketWell because they are doing remarkable things in the world of wellbeing.

Read on for a dose of inspiration.



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Why Patagonia, Gucci, and Timberland are making a big bet on farming

Farm-to-closet fashion. It’s now a thing. In short, industrial farming is terrible for the earth and fashion brands are investing in regenerative farming, a trend that’s making soil sexy.

The takeaway: Increasingly, consumers want to know how and where products are being produced—all the way down to where the raw materials were farmed. How can you be more transparent about your supply chain? And, what can you do to improve each step of bringing your product to market? We Stonemill Bakehouse engage key stakeholders in their quest to bring their supply chain local. Read the case study.




Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

McKinsey & Company has released the results of a survey on the wellness habits of 7,500 consumers across six countries. The research defines segments of the wellness market as well as five distinct consumer wellness personas: wellness enthusiasts, socially responsible, price conscious, loyalists and passive participants. Two stats stand out to us in this report. First, the sharp increase in wellness as a priority for consumers, despite the fact that they don’t view their own wellness levels as keeping up. Second, more than 60% of consumers reported increased purchase intent in light of an influencer recommending a product or service.

The takeaway: Whether you choose one of McKinsey’s wellness personas or build your own, identifying who your consumers are and how they engage with your brand is essential for creating marketing communications that resonate with your audiences. Download our white paper, Is Wellness Washed Up? to find out how consumers want wellbeing communications to make them feel—and what brands are doing to make them feel the opposite.



The Check-up: Nerf’s Chief TikTok Officer search

Nerf recently upped their social media game by running a campaign on TikTok searching for their new Chief TikTok officer. The company gained 42,000 followers on TikTok and they received 1,000 applications for the role. But was the Chief TikTok officer a successful wellness marketing campaign? Read our Nerf campaign check-up using our 5-Step Rx for marketing well.


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We’re excited to be partnering with Organic Meadow! Stay tuned to this space for more news as we “milk” PR opportunities for this brand.


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