What’s your “kind?”

What’s your “kind?”

World Kindness Day is on the horizon. I’m grateful that November 13th has become a “date to commemorate” over the years, thanks to our work with our client, KIND Snacks.

It seems virtually every day of the year has some sort of significance. The first Friday in May is International Tuba Day. Bubble Bath Day is on January 8. My birthday (July 13) so happens to be Embrace Your Geekness Day, National French Fries Day AND Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. I’ll have to remember to eat fries while listening to barbershop music next year…does that qualify as embracing geekness, too?

All kidding aside, I do think World Kindness Day is a good reminder for us all to pause, think of something kind to do, and then go out and do it.

KIND aims to make it as easy as possible for Canadians to do one of the kindest things: donating blood in partnership with Canadian Blood Services. Our team will be doing this kind thing together, and we’ve been working with influencers @nicolezaajac and @sarahblackwoodmusic to have them donate along with their friends and followers as well. Want to join and do the KIND thing too? You can check out their challenge and sign-up on either of their Donation Champion pages here or reply to this email.

Whether you do this act of kindness or choose another, I’m eager to hear what you’ve done. Drop me a line to let me know!




Wellbeing from around the web


How Mondelēz International Built TikTok’s Biggest Snack Brands

Want to make it big with Gen Z? Figure out TikTok. This is a great case study about how Modelēz International used TikTok to grow its audiences on social media.


The takeaway: Finding success on TikTok, as the Nutter Butter example shows, is about experimentation and being tuned into trends. Immersing your team in the medium is key to finding the funny and quirky trending videos that just might make your brand go viral.





The Rainbow Flag, a Sign of Hope, Deserves More Respect From Brands

Image: Monstera

The author of this piece is disheartened by the use of rainbow flags by retailers and marketers to signal that they’re allies. Unfortunately, this kind of performative allyship isn’t exclusive to LGBTQ+ causes.

The takeawayBefore jumping on a feel-good bandwagon, consider why and how you’re aligning yourself with a cause. If you’re not donating money or influencing the progress of a cause, you might need to think twice before using their symbols.




MarketWell Voices

This month we spoke with Samantha Diamond, CEO of Bird&Be Co., a company revolutionizing the at-home fertility service market. In this issue, she shares the personal inspiration behind Bird&Be Co., advice for others in the wellbeing space and what you need to know about venture capital. Read the interview.

“The marketing in the fertility space was just really making me angry…why do all the commercials for pregnancy tests feature ‘happy couple on bathroom floor with positive test’? That’s just not reflective of the modern person’s fertility journey, and something I really wanted to change.”



Feeling inspired? 

Share MarketWell with fellow wellbeing marketers and we’ll make a donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

As the nationwide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health. The work they are doing is even more important now, than ever.

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