What you need to know about influencer marketing

What you need to know about influencer marketing

Like it or not, social media has become an important content hub for consumers and brands, alike. If you want to extend your reach as a brand, influencer marketing is essential. In this issue, we share some news from the influencer sphere along with direct insight from social media content creators themselves.

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For influencer marketing to drive sales, trust must translate to real strategies

Brands have increasingly been relinquishing control over sponsored content, empowering influencers to apply their expertise and community relationships. Content creators, after all, have explicit knowledge of the platform and their audience.

The takeaway: When brand marketers put trust in creators, everyone benefits. Case studies, like the Ocean Spray example in the article, show that more organic content resonates better with consumers.





CGI (computer-generated) influencers are here. Who’s profiting from them should give you pause

Image: Miquela in her video for “Hate Me.” Baauer / YouTube

Computer-generated influencers on social media are a trend that may seem harmless on the surface. But dig a bit deeper with the author of this Fast Company article to see the potential harm they generate. “The sheen of CGI influencers’ surface-level image does not mask what they really symbolize: a demand for marketable, lifelike, “diverse” characters that can be easily altered to suit the whims of brands.

The takeawayBe wary of collaborations with influencers who have no way of being authentic, because they’re literally not real.




Real talk: How real influencers feel about brand collaborations

We spoke with some popular Instagram influencers about how they like—and don’t like—to work with brands.

“We love working with brands that have the same values as us and who allow us the freedom and flexibility to create content that best represents them in a way that is impactful with our audience and true to ourselves.” – Sarah Lajeunesse and Apryl Munro, Thiskindalife


Find out what makes a collaboration successful and what not to do.




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