Stress, Laughter & Making A Difference: The Latest in Social Media News

This week, we saw a president make an unexpected appearance online, while Bieber found some surprising tweets in his own timeline. The Missing Children Society of Canada looked to social media for a Milk Carton 2.0, but let’s not forget that for all the positives social media has to offer, there are downsides -including potentially very serious consequences of stress.

Obama in a Funny or Die Video?
Reactions to Obama’s appearance on ‘Between Two Ferns’ have been mixed. Is it ‘right’ for a president to participate in popular internet humour trends? Is he just catering to millennials when there are bigger issues being ignored? However, there’s no question the marketing campaign has at least succeeded in one way – by driving a 40% increase in visits to the website.

How Bieber Was Hacked on Twitter
He’s not the first, and he won’t be the last, person to find themselves unwittingly promoting malicious links due to a hacked Twitter account. While it’s challenging to be truly ‘safe’ from having your social media accounts compromised by a hacker, there are some recommended measures to up your security and protect your privacy.

Your Facebook Profile Could Help Find A Child
What if, just by allowing the Missing Children Society of Canada to post Amber Alerts to your Facebook page or Twitter profile on your behalf, a missing child could find its way home? As an updated version of the old face on a milk carton, this new campaign (dubbed the World’s Most Valuable Project) aims to better mobilize online crowds in those critical first few hours a child goes missing.
[Vancouver Sun]

Teens Are Finding Social Media…Stressful?
As if it wasn’t hard enough to be a teen today, now we have social media stress to deal with. While this may initially seem like a trivial matter, a new study indicates this increased stress could lead to eating problems, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, depression or absenteeism from school.
[Huffington Post]

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