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Crunching through the Clutter

The challenge:

Felicity set out to inspire Canadians to enjoy TERRA Chips in new and unique ways, while increasing overall brand awareness

What we did:

  • Felicity secured partnerships with 3 top lifestyle bloggers to develop unique recipes starring TERRA Chips. Each post included product highlights such as flavour profiles, drive-to-web and lifestyle product images.
  • Posts also included reader giveaways to encourage engagement and further consumption of TERRA Chips.

The results:

  • Felicity secured partnerships with 3 lifestyle bloggers, resulting in successful coverage for TERRA Chips and contributing towards TERRA building a relationship with important key influencers.
  •  The campaign exceeded its goal of media metrics by 800%, earning 950,000 total impressions and 26 social media engagements (tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts).
  • In addition to the blog coverage, we also earned additional pieces on Huffington Post and Breakfast Television. These were organized through our personal relationships with influencers who are regular contributors to these outlets.

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September 19, 2017

Is wellbeing washed up?

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How can I take my brand’s wellbeing story from languishing to flourishing?

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