CAA strengthens media interview skills

The challenge:

The Government and Community Relations team at CAA South Central Ontario tasked Felicity with equipping its team with the skills and confidence to remain in control of media interviews. Each of the 11 team members to be trained had a different amount of experience in this area, so a novel approach to the session was a must.

What we did:

  • Felicity’s in-house team of seasoned media trainers, journalists and media relations specialists developed a dynamic session for the CAA team, with a strong focus on live, pressure-cooker interview simulations. All participants, from the most experienced to complete newbies, were engaged and challenged from start to finish.
  • Following the session, each participant was provided with a customized media training manual, individualized, actionable feedback from the Felicity team, and videos of their mock interviews.

The results:

  • Participants shared resounding positive feedback post-session, indicating they felt more prepared and comfortable being brand representatives, able to deliver key messages and handle tough questions.


“The setup of the practice sessions was very realistic, providing the intensity you might feel in an actual media situation.”

“The session leader kept the audience’s attention and made the information interesting and relevant.”

“Being able to practice three types of media interviews (print, tv & scrum) with a journalist there made the simulation feel real.”


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May 3, 2016

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