How do you use your brand voice?

How do you use your brand voice?

Marketing is about more than reputation-building. To connect with consumers, brands need to take actions that are aligned with their consumers’ values. This includes respecting their rights and privacy. If data is the most valuable asset to both brands and consumers, how can your wellbeing brand show that you’ve got your audience’s best interests at heart?




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Hear That? It’s Your Voice Being Taken for Profit.

Image: Ono Kosuki

“This call may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.” We’ve all heard that before. But what companies are actually doing with that recording may be beyond anything you’d ever imagine, including using the timbre of our voices to build smart biometric technology that predicts not only how we feel, but who we are.

The takeaway: No matter your ethical stance on this particular practice, voice technology is becoming more common and advanced. We communicate with our smart speakers and we use the voice assistant on our phones to search the web. We may even worry that this technology is tracking our private conversations. As a marketer, how can you use your consumers’ voice-based interactions for good?



Research: How to Position a Luxury Brand as Sustainable

Image: Ron Lach

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the values of the brands with which they interact. This includes luxury brands. According to this article, when a luxury brand also turns up its eco-friendliness, this may turn down the brand’s perception as a status symbol.  So how do luxury brands align their values with those of their consumers without turning them off?

The takeawayIt’s all about authenticity. Brands should be true to their origins and highlight the creative process, hands-on artistry and traditions of their brand. Combined with forward-looking collaborations and philanthropic endeavours, luxury brands can demonstrate their values while maintaining their upscale image.




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