Wellbeing marketing FAQs

Wellbeing marketing FAQs

Our new MarketWell section helps answer the most common questions our clients ask us. We’ll answer questions monthly and compile the answers here.


What is wellbeing marketing? What is a “wellbeing brand?” Am I considered a “wellbeing marketer?

“Wellbeing marketing” is the efforts a brand makes, and the marketing thereof, to positively impact the wellbeing of all its stakeholders.

Though wellness was once limited to health management, sector lines are being redrawn, if not altogether erased. As awareness grows that wellbeing is linked to all facets of lifestyle, even brands in sectors not traditionally considered “wellbeing” are recognizing that having a stance on wellbeing is a must nowadays.

A “wellbeing brand” could be in one of many sectors, including food and beverages, fitness, financial services, technology or travel. In fact, all brands need to consider their role in improving the lives of their stakeholders.


How can I make more people aware of my product or service?

Brands today have so many communication channels from which to choose, that the options can be overwhelming. Speaking of overwhelming, consumers are bombarded with a branded messages up to 10,000 times each day. The last thing any brand wants is to be adding to the overwhelm.

Clients often come to us with the message they want to communicate. Our starting point, however, is with a deep understanding of the audiences the brands want to reach, what factors are important to those audiences, and their sources of influence.

Who are the most trusted sources of influence for wellbeing audiences? According to the research we did for our whitepaper Is Wellbeing Washed Up?, they are healthcare professionals and websites, friends and family, and mainstream media. Plus, 41% of Canadians say that they have spent more time on social media since the beginning of the pandemic, where they are undoubtedly consuming wellbeing content.

We love working to identify and then tap into a brand’s existing sources of trust, and to build trust in a brand directly through engaging content.


How do I get media coverage?

Having your brand featured in earned media coverage can lead to tremendous brand awareness, recognition and even sales. But the process of doing so can be tremendous as well. 

The media landscape has changed significantly in the last decade, yet current events are still the focus of most news outlets. Want your brand or product featured in the news? You need to tell a story that fits with current events. This is called a news hook. 

A news hook could be seasonal, for instance, launching a bug bite cream in the spring in time for summer stories in lifestyle magazines. Or it could be current events-based, for instance, if a recent health study backs up the science behind your wellness product.

To get great media, you need strong relationships with journalists. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust: of consistently bringing journalists strong news stories and delivering the essential elements of these stories as promised, so that they can do their jobs.

At Felicity, we have a team of experienced journalists and content creators who know how to use the news to craft a great media pitch. We brainstorm together to make the most of our team’s field-tested knowledge to bring forth news hooks that we know the media will love.

Find the answers to your burning questions about wellbeing marketing on our blog. Have a question that isn’t covered? Ask us!


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