Felicity’s Weekly Reads #4: The Latest And Greatest In PR News

It’s not every week that you see PR as the topic of so many articles – usually, we’re behind the scenes! But this week, a few stories caught our attention. Taking a moment to evaluate the characteristics of a successful PR professional, as well as address the way we talk about our profession (particularly as it relates to social media and online engagement), helps ensure the industry keeps innovating – that is, keeps moving forward. At the same time, turning a critical eye toward some of the more controversial decisions and events in recent days can provide key learnings for the rest of us.

What does it take to be in PR?
It has never been more important for PR professionals to provide a more integrated perspective across the whole spectrum of online and offline marketing strategy. As we see silos break down and campaigns cross multiple areas of expertise, having a cohesive vision of how the whole marketing puzzle fits together helps to set PR pros apart from the pack.
[Marketing Interactive]

It’s Not Online PR, It’s Just…PR
Another indicator of just how blurred the lines have become in marketing is the call to eradicate terms such as “online PR”. The power of online media, influencers and individual customers is too great to segment into its own corner. What was once considered a distinct aspect of communications planning and public relations strategy should be – and perhaps always should have been – incorporated into an organization or brand’s communications plan.

CVS: Measuring PR Success Against Profits
American pharmacy CVS received a collective round of applause from media this week when they announced cigarettes would no longer be sold in its stores. The decision, however, effectively eliminates $2 billion in annual revenue from its bottom line. Seeing a long-term opportunity to build better relationships with organizations that would have been previously opposed to working with CVS, the company stated it wasn’t worried. In many ways, its sacrifice only helps to boost the positive news angle – but the big question is, will CVS be able to sustain this financial drop enough to keep its word in keeping cigarettes out?
[Wall Street Journal]

Sochi 2014: Getting Ahead of The Negative
It’s difficult to imagine how the Sochi communications team could possibly have time to think ahead when there has been such a regular influx of negative news stories coming out every day. Although controversial announcements leading up to the event haven’t helped Russia, there hasn’t been an Olympic year in recent times that started off without at least one or two bad news stories. At the same time, the goal of positioning Russia as a prominent vacation destination seems a bit overly ambitious.

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