For The Love of Brands: Trends and Themes for Valentine’s Day 2014

Today is all about chocolate, flowers, cards, stuffed animals…oh and love. Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day is a big deal or just another Friday for you this year, it’s a fascinating holiday for watching how brands – and people – play in social media. In between munching on handfuls of candy hearts, here’s what we’re reading at Felicity this week.

‘Guys, Get Mushy’ Says Heineken
Calling all sensitive guys: Heineken has the perfect challenge for you. Professing your love to a special someone through social media could unlock a surprise date for two. While an interesting experiment, #DateInABox is unlikely to convince the stereotypical emotionally-detached dude to make a long term commitment toward more #couplies throughout the year…unless it comes with free beer.
[Fast Company]

Evian Spreads The Love Like…
If you’re in the US or the UK and find yourself stumped for an original analogy to appropriately express your love, turn to Evian. Breaking away from lovey-dovey clichés, Evian is putting the call out to their fans for new, creative terms of endearment, which could win you in a Valentine’s Day themed prize. A cute concept with a simple execution approach that so far seems to be delighting Evian’s followers.

Ladies Take The Romantic Lead Online
It’s not surprising to find that women tend to profess their love through social media more often than men, but McAfee is concerned about how this could lead to greater risk of cyber-stalking or private content leaks online. The key takeaway for those of us – regardless of gender – who want to make a suggestive display for that special someone? Remember that no matter how private you think your message is, it could quickly and easily be made more public than you feel comfortable with.
[Financial Express]

How To Say I Love You Through Social Media
If you forgot to pick up a Valentine’s Day card for your lover, not to worry – there are still plenty of ways to show you care using social media. No matter which social media channel you use the most, there’s a way for you to show him or her you care through creative content.

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