The gift EVERYONE should give themselves this holiday season

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In the PR and Marketing world we pride ourselves on being 100% client focused. We are here to deliver excellent results for our client’s business. For those who are also parents, like I am, when we’re home with our families, we are 100% focused on them. Or at least we try to be, when our minds aren’t on work, our to-do lists, or what we’re going to make for dinner.

Because I’m balancing a career in PR/marketing and being a mom of four, a great deal of my day is focused outwardly on these two things. I rarely have time to focus inward.

But just over a year ago I gave myself the most incredible gift…and I haven’t looked back.

Every day I give myself 50 minutes just for me. Often it’s with my spinning bike, other times I’m out walking, or taking a kick-boxing class. No matter what I’m doing, the focus is on me.

When I start my workout, it’s often hard to get my to-do list out of my head. There are work and life distractions vying for my attention. But, I quickly remind myself that all of those things can wait for 50 minutes. This is my time!

Since I began my dedicated “me time,”  I’ve learned a lot of things.

  • I’ve learned the importance of being connected in a disconnected world.
  • I’ve learned the importance of giving myself the gift of time, just for me.
  • I’ve come to understand the value of starting my day this way—even if it means going to a 6am class.
  • I’ve learned that while I sometimes feel selfish demanding this time to myself, it’s absolutely necessary!

This is my time to escape, to think about everything and anything (and nothing!); to connect with my mind, body, heart, and soul; to sweat out laughter and tears.

It is my time to go on a journey—whichever journey I choose to take. Some days, I am on the ride of my life. Others I am keeping up but not winning the race. It doesn’t really matter—either way I am still there, without my kids, my friends, my work, or my family. Without my cell phone or my computer. Just me and my bike (well, there are 50 others in the room but I don’t really pay attention to them).  It is all about my journey.

Giving yourself the gift of “me time” has so many far-reaching benefits.

  • Once you’ve taken care of yourself, you’ll probably find it much easier to take care of others—both professionally and personally.
  • You’ll have more patience for your kids and more energy to do all the things they expect of you.
  • You’ll have more focus and energy for work.
  • And perhaps while you’re giving yourself time to think and dream and be inspired, the end result will be more creative solutions for your clients. (That’s what’s happened for me!)

I have a very hard time saying no. I take on more than I should in all aspects of my life and often, if not always, put myself last. But, since I started spinning, I’ve learned to put myself first, at least some of the time, and to say ‘no’ when I can’t possibly take on anything else.

As we find ourselves amidst the busyness of the holiday season and end of the year, I challenge you to give yourself the best gift of all. Just one hour a day dedicated to YOU can make a world of difference.

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