My Felicity…

Our Team Celebrates the Holidays by Sharing a Little Felicity!

In celebration of the holidays and in the spirit of spreading happiness, we asked each of the members of the Felicity [Inspiring Communications] team to answer the following question: What is your Felicity?

In this case, felicity is defined as: the quality or state of being happy; especially: great happiness.

After you read what our team had to say, tell us what your felicity is in the comments below. We’ll select one winner, and make a $25.00 donation on their behalf to their charity of choice.

My Felicity is…

“Getting the kids in the kitchen and cooking up a storm!”

– Sue Mah, Registered Dietitian

“Baking with my young daughters and making the house smell absolutely delicious!”

– Lisa Klein, Account Lead

“Being challenged professionally so I can truly enjoy my personal time with my beautiful, fun, happy family!”

Cara McCutcheon, Account Lead

“Taking a moment to look back on the year and appreciate the good—from family and friendships to creative collaboration with clients.”

Amy Gillespie, Vice President

“Visiting with family and friends to share in good cheer this holiday season!”

Fiona Bassett, Healthcare communications and stakeholder relations

“Going home to my family after being away at school and enjoying a home-cooked meal.”

Jodi Negin-Ulster, Intern

“Sitting down to a peaceful late lunch with the sun streaming in my window!”

– Allison Dailey, Account Lead

“Kicking back with family and friends.”

Kevin Morrison, Media Relations Specialist

“Working up a sweat in spinning class.”

Rachel Evans, Vice President

“Seeing my kids happy faces when I pick them up from school.”

– Robyn Feldberg, Consumer Marketing Specialist

“A good book and a cup of hot cocoa.”

– Jenna Greenberg, Account Coordinator

“Sharing a laugh with family, friends and colleagues.”

Livy Jacobs, Account Lead & Media Relations Specialist

“Playing outside in the garden with my family.”

– Rachel Segal, Digital and Social Media Strategist

“Spending time with family and friends, especially my baby nephew.”

– Lawrence Cummer, Technology Journalist

“When I’m not worrying.”

– Shari Cogan, Account Lead

“Writing stories that inspire positive change.”

– Hailey Eisen, Editorial Content Strategist, Blogger

“Reading a book with my son.”

– Andrea Wahbe, B2B Content Strategist

“Amazing teammates and partners—both professional and personal—that make it possible for me to do what I love every day!”

– Amy Laski, President

Our Felicity is…

Expressing gratitude by giving back.

To show our gratitude for the amazing individuals and companies we have worked alongside to make great things happen in 2014, we’ve put together a Red Door Family Shelter Holiday Spirit Box filled with gifts and essentials to help a mother and her children get back on their feet.

Many families arrive at this shelter with little other than the clothes on their backs. We hope the items in this box will help sustain a family through the winter, and also spread a bit of felicity [great happiness] this holiday season.


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