Balance is Bull$#!& – Making the Case for Work-Life Integration

While I’m in the business of communications, I am in the practice of challenging conventions. And I call “bull” on the prevailing workplace conventions around “balance,” and instead want to introduce the term I prefer to use, “integration.” This was my key...

Getting high at the 6th annual Felicity Urban Retreat

The 6th annual Felicity Urban Retreat, took place on October 31, in the heart of Evergreen Brick Works. We began the day with a discussion of the Felicity business, including our Content Studios division. We then explored opportunities to propel the value we offer to...

Strategy shares news about growing Felicity team

Up to the Minute: Tam-Tam\TBWA makes three hires Plus, CloudRaker rebrands with new retail focus and Vibrant adds directors in Montreal and Toronto. _____________________________ Hires and promotions Three new members have joined the Tam-Tam\TBWA team. Marie-Laurence...

Is wellbeing washed up?

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How can I take my brand’s wellbeing story from languishing to flourishing?

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