Felicity launches branded Content Studios division

TORONTO, ON – May 15, 2018 – Virtual communications and public relations agency Felicity is proud to launch a new custom content division, Felicity Content Studios, enabling brands to own their messages through journalistic-calibre storytelling delivered across a variety of platforms and formats.

The move represents a natural extension of the Felicity “brains not bricks” business model, in which clients reap the benefits of Felicity’s seasoned, award-winning communications team — minus the overhead costs incurred by traditional agencies.

Client-driven evolution

“We’ve grown and evolved over the past six plus years by listening to what our clients and their audiences want,” says Felicity president and founder Amy Laski. Today’s consumer not only wants to hear about brands from others, they’re eager to get to know brands directly. Compelling custom content produced by the brand is an important way to educate, entertain and engage consumers, and give them the inside scoop about what sets a brand apart.”

In fact, 90 percent of consumers say they like being engaged by brands via custom content, and more than eight in 10 say they feel more positive about a company after reading their custom content. These positive feelings translate to more positive action taken — that is, purchase — with conversion rates on branded content being up to six times higher than other marketing methods. Whether via a brand magazine, website, blog, or within social communities on Facebook or Instagram, owned content forms a direct, mutually-beneficial relationship with target audiences. “A brand becomes its own media company by crafting cross-channel content,” says Laski.

Cut through the noise

“In a crowded field, mere words won’t cut it,” says award-winning journalist and Felicity Content Studios editor-in-chief Alyssa Schwartz. “Today’s consumers have access to an endless stream of content available on demand, making it challenging to cut through the noise. And with 90 percent of businesses getting in on the content marketing game, it’s important not just to churn out content but to produce the thought-provoking, exciting and engaging stories audiences want to read. That’s where the Felicity roster of highly-experienced content creators provides a significant advantage.”

Felicity Content Studios will harness the team’s deep bench strength of editorial and subject matter experts, and work in concert with media and influencer relationship-builders to both incorporate and amplify content.

Content & Collective insights

Clients have been thrilled with the results of the Felicity Content Collective process, whereby the team engages a brand’s influencers and stakeholders to co-create a 360 degree view of the brand. Felicity calls this “in-reach” vs. the traditional one-way “outreach,” which doesn’t drive the panoramic point-of-view needed to stand out in today’s marketplace. Brands learn key insights into their businesses and categories upon which are built recommendations to grow their bottom lines. Felicity Content Studios puts these insights into action.

Leadership team

Working with Laski and Felicity vice president Rachel Evans, Felicity Content Studios will be led by Alyssa Schwartz as editor-in-chief. Schwartz is a Felicity veteran and contributor to publications such as The Globe and Mail and Zoomer Magazine. Ronnie Lebow is creative director, with David Lindover as publisher. Together, they bring to clients’ tables decades of experience developing strategic, standout custom content.

Virtual agency Felicity [Inspiring Communications] today launched a new Content Studios division. Pictured here is the leadership team (L-R): Creative director Ronnie Lebow, editor-in-chief Alyssa Schwartz, founder and president Amy Laski, publisher David Lindover, and vice president Rachel Evans.

About Felicity [Inspiring Communications]

Felicity is an award-winning virtual communications, content and public relations agency, where clients invest in brains, not bricks. Teams are comprised of seasoned communicators driven by business minds, and are custom-tailored with the right experts to achieve a client’s objectives. Felicity takes a unique inreach (vs. outreach) approach to harness the power of a brand’s most important stakeholders and influencers in developing strategy and content that inspires action and drives bottom-line results. For more information about Felicity, go to www.felicitypr.com.


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