From the Classroom to the Virtual Meeting Room

The transition from school to work can be a real test of skill. Everything that school tries to prepare us for as students is finally put to the test. I would consider myself a student of life – constantly learning in every situation. There is always a lesson to be learned regardless if you’ve been doing something for a day or ten years. In the same way, it is important that we constantly challenge ourselves and look for new opportunities.

With this in mind, I began looking for a position to test my skills. Fortunately, I found Felicity and I have been here since the spring as an intern. What really drew me to the company was the online agency model and Felicity’s Content Collective approach to bring a brand’s story to life. As I learned more about this approach, I thought back to the focus on new business models and the shift to modernize companies that I’ve heard about in school. This made me excited to be a part of a company that takes these new ideas and puts them to the test.

Working at a virtual agency also gives me a different perspective on how business is done using this model versus traditional business practices. With my past positions, I was confined to a small space — physically and professionally — with little responsibility. At Felicity, I am given more independence, which has benefited my work and growth. Adapting to a virtual business platform was also much more smooth than I had expected. At both Felicity and at school I have been using online systems such as Gmail and Google Drive for work. As I look back on my work with Felicity, I recognize how much I’ve gained since starting, such as:

  1. How social media extends beyond your social life: While I have a lot of experience with social media personally, and had some exposure in school to its professional applications, my work at Felicity has shown me just how vital a tool social media can be for communicating with clients, associates, and partners.
  2. The lessons from different clients. While tracking client posts I am learning new information from the campaigns. Who knew you’re only supposed to look for snacks that contain 5 grams of sugar or less? Thanks, KIND!
  3. The value in creating time and space for face-to-face interaction and communication. At Felicity, participating in our bi-weekly Face Time meetings was helpful to get updates on projects as well as put a face to an email.
  4. The skills to refine my productivity. Working mostly online has also prompted me to hone my time management and organization skills. In order to get work done effectively, I’ve had to find my own space and time. Depending on the running campaigns, I schedule my work around conference calls, deadlines and scheduled posts. For example, as we start on a new campaign, I can schedule my time around the requirements in the critical path.

Heading into my third year of studying Professional Communications, I know I still have a lot to learn. My experiences working with Felicity have given me insight from the inside and allowed me to connect with a lot of seasoned public relations and communication professionals. As I continue to navigate my career path, I’ll always keep these lessons in mind.

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