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Despite its predecessor, and a precarious beginning, there is somehow still a feeling of optimism for 2017. Perhaps 2017 is more open to new perspectives and in need of individuals with a super-charged notion that they can make small yet impactful steps to move this big orb that we live on in a positive direction.

And the optimism that a new year brings doesn’t have to be a January flash in the pan — it can endure.  I was reminded of this when flipping through the pages of “In the Company of Women   – Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepreneurs”.  The pages are filled with advice and anecdotes from professionals who jumped fearlessly into the unknown and overcame many obstacles to carve their own path and define their own version of success.

So, in life, as in PR, sometimes trying out something fresh and packing your bag with a healthy dose of humour, optimism and good spirit, will lead somewhere uncharted and awesome!

Throw your arms around 2017 and be inspired by these relentless and resilient ladies. Here are some of my favourite picks from “In the Company of Women”:  

Tavi Gevinson, Writer, Magazine Editor in Chief, New York.

Professional motto? “Do what’s in front of you.”

Traits you are most proud of? “I have a physical aversion to wasting time. It helps to recognize self-doubt as such.”

Michele Quan, Ceramicist, Designer, Brooklyn, New York.

Biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running your own business. “Keep it simple and do the work.”

Linda Rodin, Stylist, Beauty Entrepreneur, New York, NY.

Biggest overall lesson (in) business. “Patience.”

Thelma Golden, Museum Director and Chief Curator, New York, NY.

A fear or professional challenge that keeps you up at night?  “I like to think of challenges as opportunities – opportunities to think differently and create something new. And I welcome the charge I get from acknowledging them as such.”

Lisa Hunt, Designer, Artist, Brooklyn, NY.

In moments of self doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up? “I am nothing if not resilient! I’ve nurtured the ability to feel nervous but jump in anyway and know that if I make a mistake or misjudgement, I have the smarts to work things out.”

Cheryl Day, Baker, Author, Savannah, GA.

Best piece of business advice. “(Don’t) rest on your laurels. Whether it is the hours you are open for business or the frequency in posting on a blog, let people know they can depend on you. I believe that being consistent has been one of the best ways to build a good reputation and grow (the) business.”

Karen Young, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, Brooklyn, NY.

Biggest lesson (in) business. “It takes ten years to achieve overnight success…. Prepare for the long haul, the rise and fall, and let neither define your sense of self.”

What does the world need more of? Less of? “The world needs more authentic, honest, and vulnerable connections. Less polish, more authenticity. “

Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus. Chef, Restaurateurs, Brooklyn, NY.

Biggest lesson (in) business. “Most of the time things don’t turn out the way you expect, and that’s usually not a bad thing. Don’t let go of your goals, but let go of your expectations. Be patient in all ways.”

Hana Getachew, Textile Designer, Brooklyn, NY.

After a setback, how do you build yourself back up? “I try to remind myself that every mistake made is a lesson learned and a step toward improving, and perseverance is my greatest asset.”

Ashley C Ford, Writer, Brooklyn, NY.

Personal or Professional Motto? “You are more than the worst thing you’ve ever done.”


Do you have a woman in your life who has beaten her own path or overcome obstacles to create their version of success? Please share their stories with us and our readers.

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