Susanne Weinberg | Account Lead Media Relations Expert

Susanne is a marketing communications specialist with a passion for all things creative. With a degree in journalism, she offers a diverse palette of expertise including public relations and social media strategy, execution, media relations, content development, copywriting, art direction and event production.

Susanne’s deep understanding of brand narrative and news angle development, media placement, and how to creatively and effectively communicate with corporate, consumer and media audiences (both online and offline), has given her the opportunity to successfully launch and build brands both nationally and internationally.

Throughout her 25+ year career, she’s worked with clients in a variety of industries including fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, décor, lifestyle, real estate, automotive and not-for-profit organizations such as Strellson, Desigual, Danier, Ferrari, Cobistyle, Magenta Studio Photo, Mazon Canada, NAIOP, BMW, Caryl Baker Visage, Gluten Free Garage, Toni Plus, CosmedixMD, and Portfolio Entertainment.