Felicity is a full-service communications and content company.

Our 360 degree approach considers your business objectives through a powerful and panoramic lens.
Our unique, co-creative process unlocks access to the people and places your audiences trust most.

The result?

A more complete view of your brand, and the traction to stay miles ahead of your competitors.

how do we do it?
and what sets us apart?

By making connections, not noise ›

The Felicity Content Collective is our signature process, our sweet spot that helps you find yours.

By investing in brains, not bricks ›

Our unique, virtual model ensures you have top talent at your table.

By viewing the big picture of your business ›

Communications can and should drive business results, as they have for these brands.



Raising the bar, not eyebrows: Felicity in Ivey feature on virtual busiensses

  When we started Felicity, we raised more than a few eyebrows from business leaders who couldn’t wrap their heads around how an agency could be “real” without a physical office space. Five years in, we’re as real as ever, and […]


Deskercises to rejuvenate your wellness resolutions

It’s 11 weeks into 2017 — how are those exercise resolutions coming along?  Whether you’re sticking to your plan or you’ve slipped back into old sedentary habits, you still know the importance of moving more. But, it can be tough […]

Virtual PR agency

Unlocking the “brains, not bricks” virtual PR agency advantage

Have you ever had an “A-HA!” moment, where suddenly the solution to a problem you’ve been facing becomes crystal clear? I’d like to say that the idea for my virtual PR agency, Felicity [Inspiring Communications] came to me in such […]

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What Our Clients Say

The Felicity team has been great to work with. They brought to Breakfast Cereals Canada a strong understanding of nutrition and food issues, a sound planning discipline to respond to our communication needs and an ability to execute with excellence a complex and time crunched media outreach programme. The team of experts at Felicity bring passion and energy to solving communication challenges. Their results exceeded our expectations.

– Kathryn Fitzwilliam,
Executive Director, Breakfast Cereals Canada

Working with Felicity is a fantastic experience. They really do go out of their way to understand our business, our objectives, and what makes us truly different. More than just a PR firm, they get that a good PR strategy also has to be grounded in our business strategy. Always mindful of the bottom line, they continuously prove themselves as a valuable partner to LEVEL5.

– David Kincaid,
Managing Partner and CEO, Level5 Strategy Group

From the very start, Felicity has taken the time to understand our brand personality and goals. Leveraging their collective expertise, the team has been both engaged and responsive, connecting us with many strategic PR opportunities. The results speak for themselves!

– Holly deGraaf,
Interim General Manager and Director, Retail Operations and Public Relations, Ten Thousand Villages Canada