Alana Warner

Geriatric Care Consultant and Social Worker

For over a decade, Alana has supported vulnerable populations in need of medical care. She partners with patients and their families to navigate proficiently through the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system.

As a Social Worker at Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto General Hospital and Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), Alana honed both her advocacy skills and counseling technique. She learned that remaining focused under pressure and undeterred in seemingly impossible situations are key factors in aligning healthcare providers and optimizing medical plans as quickly as possible. While Alana does the legwork, families in crisis benefit from her calm and compassionate approach to working through strong emotions and tough decisions.

Alana has been described as authentic and highly committed. She’s been sought after by the city’s top social work teams, by medical and social work students as a mentor, and by Registered Nurses as a special instructor on the subject of Avoiding Compassion Fatigue. As an independent Care Coordinator, Alana is particularly effective because she “stays close” to her clients. She’s easy to reach, easy to speak with, and communicates case insights and progress frequently.

Alana holds a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from The Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York, where she specialized in patient and family therapy.  Her commitment to continuing education keeps Alana at the forefront of her profession, thereby ensuring her clients receive the very best.

Alana Warner
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