Why the workplace is the next frontier in wellbeing

Why the workplace is the next frontier in wellbeing

Toxic workplaces certainly existed before COVID-19, but it took a pandemic for companies to stop and notice that employees were overburdened and burned out. For many, this shift towards corporate wellness programs, flexible work and valuing diversity and inclusion has been a long time coming. And like many pandemic-induced movements, this isn’t just a trend. Workplace wellbeing is here to stay.

This issue of MarketWell explores the working world and how wellbeing doesn’t just fit in, but how it needs to be fully ingrained. When was the last time you did a check-up on wellbeing in your workplace? You may know what you do “well” in support of wellbeing, but is your team aware? Need help? I’d be happy to chat about developing wellbeing strategies and communications for your team.





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The well-being of working parents

This interactive article highlights the results of a McKinsey survey about the health and wellbeing of working parents. Employee wellbeing is an integral part of overall wellbeing, and it looks like parents are losing out – and losing it – when it comes to thriving in their workplaces.

The takeaway: As marketers, there’s a tendency to fall into the trap of focusing narrowly on consumer behaviour as it pertains to our brand only. But it’s important to zoom out so we can understand the challenges our consumers are facing in their lives, and then doing what we can to address them. So, while we may not be able to tackle their office culture, we can empathize and offer support to consumers where possible.




What marketers need to know about trust

Wellbeing starts from within—even at work—and trust is a big part of it. Not only does trust improve employee loyalty, but it also increases consumer loyalty. This article outlines steps marketers can take to up the impact of their companies’ trust strategy.

The takeawayTrust is a multi-faceted concept that ranges from cyber security to ethical business practices and simply being treated well. Explore all of these avenues to increase your trust among colleagues and consumers alike.





I was recently featured on an episode of Employable Me, a TV and web series about the challenges that individuals of varying abilities face gaining employment.

I spoke with Nikoletta about her communications career goals and about my experiences being an agent of change.

Watch the episode:



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