Are wellbeing and achievement mutually exclusive?

Are wellbeing and achievement mutually exclusive?

In this newsletter, I often talk about how to connect with your consumers in meaningful ways. Great communication builds trust and loyalty and may just make your brand influential. In this issue we explore IPSOS’ newest report on the most influential brands in Canada in 2021 and what you can learn from the top performers.

We also look at a great resource for improving your consumer communications and share an interview with the founders of The Practice Lab who underline why wellbeing should be the foundation of every organization.


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The Most Influential Brands in Canada, 2021

Ipsos has released its list of the brands that had the most impact on consumers’ lives in 2021—and it’s fascinating. “The Most Influential Brands didn’t just sell a product or service, they promoted a strong sense of purpose and shaped our world while connecting emotionally with people,” the report reads. 

The takeaway: Our team saw two important ways in which these brands built influence:

1) Communicating trust, and
2) innovating from the consumer perspective. 

It’s important for brands to not only earn consumers’ trust, but to then reinforce that trust. Sharing statistics around loyalty is a great way to achieve this. Netflix used this method when it launched that not only shares the platform’s most viewed content but how many hours have been spent watching each show or movie.

Innovation is important, but it is only valuable if it’s valued by your consumer. The bottom line is that innovation must solve your consumers’ problems and make it easier for them to engage with your brand to fill their needs. For instance, Skip The Dishes launched a grocery delivery pilot program in 2021, delivering orders in less than 25 minutes. The program was so successful that it will roll out across Canada by mid-2022.


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How To Newsletter

We are big fans of Ann Handley’s bi-weekly newsletter about marketing, communications and great copywriting called Total Annarchy. Late last year, to celebrate her 100th issue, Handley shared this resource that outlines what worked and didn’t work for her, plus ideas you can steal.

The takeawayEven the most popular newsletters start somewhere. Total Annarchy started in 2018 with 2000 subscribers and now she has 43,000. This resource is full of simple insightful tips for making your communications a success.




MarketWell Voices: Kara Hardin and Evan Shuster of The Practice Lab on escaping our high-performance culture

This month, we spoke with partners in business and life Kara Hardin and Evan Shuster of The Practice Lab, a venture that seeks to support organizations, teams and individuals in integrating mental health into their organization, work and strategy as fundamental competency to success and achievement.

“We want to encourage larger organizations and teams to think about revolve around seeing mental health and wellbeing not as a reactive strategy when times are tough, but as a part of the fabric for sustainability and business development.”
– Evan Shuster, The Practice Lab

Read the full interview.


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