Updates on Technology & Social Media for The Drug Industry And More

Major updates in technology this week with Twitter finally supporting animated GIFs and everyone going crazy for an app that lets you say “Yo”. At the same time, the FDA released a new statement indicating a desire to add more rigour to social media within the drug industry. Finally, an insightful perspective on just why translation software won’t ever be able to beat the touch of a translator.

Posting GIFs on Twitter
After an ample push from the Twitter community, the company finally released a new update that allows users to post animated GIFs directly to the platform. This new feature bypasses the previous need for a third-party extension – which may end up reducing the value of a number of companies who were previously filling this gap.

Let’s Just Say Yo
Ever wanted to just send a message to someone? Just say…Yo? And that’s it? Well, now you can. Their tagline couldn’t be more spot on (“It’s that simple.”). You might think at first it’s a joke but when you see that there’s over 50,000 people sending 4 million Yo’s so far, the whole idea starts to sound a bit more serious.
[Business Insider]

Drug Industry Social Media Guidelines
It should come as no surprise that the US Food and Drug Administration is looking to add more stringent parameters around how drug companies engage in social media. But how do you fit both the benefits and the risks of a product into 140 characters? This will be just one of many challenges faced by the industry if these proposed guidelines move forward.
[CBS News]

Translator vs. Translator Technology
Most of us can probably relate to the confusing – or even downright comical–results of doing a quick copy and paste into Google Translate. Why hasn’t automated translation improved? The combination of stagnation in translation technology and the fact that in language, there are subtle nuances machines cannot detect make it hard to imagine humans ever truly being removed from the translation process.
[Huffington Post]

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