Twitter Trolls, Data & Editorial Integration, Leathery Skin and Icy Clicktivism

In the wake of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams, the trolls that drove his daughter off Twitter can only be described as the most vicious souls. At the very least, this ‘last straw’ in a long line of 140 character mob attacks has finally prompted Twitter to do something about the issue. In other news, the amount of data we have at our disposal at any given time can be a huge benefit…or a confusing mess. Is there a better way to integrate data to drive content? This integration is what Videographer Thomas Levitt did extremely well to get under the skin of sun damage . Finally, you may have heard the buzz about the #IceBucketChallenge. But does it really help to fund ASL research?

Twitter’s Harassment Policies
Losing a loved one, especially in the public spotlight, is not easy – and social media has often amplified the experience. The horrible comments and images to which Zelda Williams was subjected this week have finally caused Twitter to explore how to stave off these terrible waves of cyber bullying. But will it be enough?
[Business Insider]

Integrating Data & Editorial
Getting data analysts and editorial publishers to play nice is no easy feat – but there’s never been a better time to start integrating data into content development. A great way to get started? With these five tips in hand.
[Ad Age]

Under Those Rosy Cheeks…
If you’ve ever picked up a woman’s magazine, you have probably seen at least a handful of articles on the damage sun does to our skin over time. However, despite all of the evidence we still see many people worshipping the sun without any protection. This video might just help change that.

Ice Water or Donation?
Although there have been a number of critics opposed to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge campaign, their worries might be unfounded as new numbers are demonstrating massive donation increases since the launch. As unconventional as the approach may be, it’s worth considering how – and why – this kind of campaign works well with today’s generation.
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