Twitter Police, Facebook Teens, Google+ Updates and Anti-Spam Confusion

It’s the last week before the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation goes into effect on July 1st. Are you ready? The answer may be more complicated (or much simpler) than you think. In other news, Google broke the hearts of content marketers everywhere by removing authorship photos from search results, while a new Forrester poll showed that perhaps Facebook hasn’t completely lost teens as previously speculated. Finally, for some time now Twitter has been the place where news breaks– but did you know it’s also where police are looking to spot terrorists?

Anti-Spam Legislation…a Mess?
If you’ve received a number of consent confirmation emails this week, you’re not alone. The rules around when and how you can send emails after July 1st have everyone stirred up – and it’s no surprise given the broad complexity of the new legislation.

Teens Never Left Facebook
For those who were concerned that teens were leaving Facebook in droves…it looks like that’s not even close to the case. Only superseded by YouTube, Facebook is still a top destination with 12-13 year olds having actually increased their usage.

No More Google Authorship Photos
Just a few months ago, every content marketer was touting Google Authorship as one of the best tools for upping SEO rankings. That all came to a halt as Google announced photos will be going away – leaving us wondering…why are we using Google+ again?

Policing Your Tweets
Companies scanning Twitter for red alerts and crisis situations are popping up left and right – helping us stay safe and letting police officials know what’s happening in our neighborhoods. The laws and policies around this kind of monitoring are still evolving…but how much is too much?
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