The “collective effervescence”-wellbeing connection

The “collective effervescence”-wellbeing connection

Who else has been relishing the freedom to gather with family and friends?

To me, it feels at once novel and normal to do so. I want to make up for lost time and to get my fill of in-person social connection now because it’s anyone’s guess if or when the freedom to do so may be rescinded.

I know I’m not alone. The feeling we get when we “pursue happiness socially — through connecting, caring and contributing” is part of “collective effervescence.”

In this edition of MarketWell, we dive into the concept of collective effervescence and its strong connection to wellbeing. And with the pursuit of wellbeing only continuing to rise, we look ahead to the implications for us marketers seeking to distinguish our brands among the cacophony of wellbeing messages.




Wellbeing from around the web


There’s a Specific Kind of Joy We’ve Been Missing

Adam Grant from the New York Times has done it again. We were recently inspired by his widely shared piece on Languishing and at the risk of looking like Adam Grant groupies, we’re sharing another because he has a way of putting his finger on the pulse of what we as a society are feeling and experiencing. Plus, this story, too, contains a great lesson for us as marketers. 

The takeaway: As the world starts to open up, consumers are seeking opportunities to experience collective effervescence. Create experiences that bring people together and you’ll have a place in your consumers’ memories and hearts.



Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

There’s never been a better time to be a wellbeing marketer. Consumer understanding of wellness is expanding to include a variety of industries, and spending is increasing.

The takeaway: Increased interest means increased competition, so having a very clear marketing strategy is key. Need help with this? It can be difficult to identify the wellbeing positioning that will distinguish your brand from your competitors’. Our Content Collective process here at Felicity brings together the right mix of internal and external stakeholders to co-create ownable and compelling brands.
Learn how our Content Collective works.


Wellbeing marketing FAQs

Our new MarketWell section addresses the most common questions asked of us.

How can I make more people aware of my product or service?

Brands today have so many communication channels from which to choose, that the options can be overwhelming. Speaking of overwhelming, consumers are bombarded with a branded messages up to 10,000 times each day. The last thing any brand wants is to be adding to the overwhelm.

Find out how to get your message to the masses on our Wellbeing marketing FAQs page.


Feeling inspired? 

Share MarketWell with fellow wellbeing marketers and we’ll make a donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

As the nationwide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health. The work they are doing is even more important now, than ever.

To your wellbeing,
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