Spreading Good Through Tweet-A-Coffee With Felicity

After the holidays, settling back into the daily routine of life and work can be a challenge.

That’s why when we saw what Starbucks is doing to make it easy to share the gift of a coffee with someone through Twitter we thought: now there’s a way to make someone’s week a little brighter!

Starting today, Felicity is sending some caffeinated love to two lucky people: a client, partner or associate we know and work with, as well as one of our Twitter followers we’d like to know better! Every Monday a new duo will be selected and surprised with an extra boost to start the week on a positive note. After all, this world needs a little more good in it! In fact, that’s why we called our agency Felicity in the first place.

Our first Tweet-a-Coffee will be given on Twitter later today, so be part of the action @Felicity_PR!

Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by

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