The Social Network That Pays, Buy Buttons, Twitterbots and Social Media Sentences

Have you ever wished you could get paid for spending time on social media? There might just be a way with Bubblews. Facebook is testing out a new ‘buy button’ for businesses while twitterbots are revealing new insights into this week’s tragic MH17 plane crash. Finally, in a landmark case a youth in Nova Scotia has been ordered to stay off social media for twenty-one months as part of a court sentence.

Welcome to Bubblews
Social networks are already monetizing their userbase – so why shouldn’t the user get a cut? Bubblews is looking to change the value of a like or share by paying users to generate content on their platform, which received a substantial design update this week.

Buy on Facebook
Facebook has been trying to incorporate commerce for years – with the buy button, they may have finally cracked it. Although your product still needs to be purchasable online, this is a major step forward in features for the social media network.

Wikipedia Twitterbots
The horrific Malaysian Airlines tragedy this week has only been made worse by the confusion around why and how the plane was shot down. Recently released twitterbots are adding to the speculation with odd Wikipedia changes appearing around the incident.

Banned From Social Media
A youth in Nova Scotia is the first person in the province to be legally banned from using social media as part of a criminal sentence that also includes probation and house arrest for numerous charges. Will this set a precedent?
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