Social media politics, Twitter changes, Diaspora growing pains and password security tips

When you’re in the public spotlight, where’s the line between personal and professional? There’s probably no more difficult a vocation for to determine this than in politics. In other news, Twitter is gearing up for some major changes and there are a few things everyone should know. Last week we mentioned how they were cracking down on gruesome images. Unfortunately there is no shortage of places where horrible content depicting despicable actions may end up. This includes open-source, Kickstarter-funded social media network Diaspora. Finally, if you’re using gibberish and random symbols to keep your password secure, there is a better way.

Minister on Twitter
Should a politician in Canada be required to tweet in both English and in French? The idea may seem crazy until you think of how politicians tend to use the platform to promote campaign messages. Whether this means the Official Languages Act should apply is still to be determined.

Twitter Timeline Changes
Major Twitter design changes are underway and the impact on how content surfaces and users engage will be big for both the casual user and the committed Twit-o-holic. Here’s what we know about their upcoming algorithm alterations.
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Diaspora vs. Evil
After Twitter’s crackdown on gruesome images, instigators such as the ISIS members responsible for the execution of journalist James Foley are finding new channels for their terrible content. Unfortunately, platforms like Diaspora are too young to know how equip themselves for this kind of onslaught.
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Protect Your Password with Leet
A strong password is your key to online security, But how do you know what’s really secure? And what’s your plan to remember all these complicated passwords? Enter Leet, a better way to fool the malicious robots or people trying to crack your codes.
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