Social Media Interns, Launches, Drunk Filters and Erasers

Who’s in charge of your social media? If it’s the intern, we look at yet another example of why you may want to reconsider this decision. In other news, Spotify is finally coming to Canada, a filter is now available to help keep intoxicated individuals from ruining their online reputations and Sobrr has landed on the scene as the newest social media platform with fleeting content that disappears after twenty-four hours.

Blaming The Intern
As yet another company tries to blame an intern for a social media blow up, we’re left wondering why anyone would put such an important responsibility on the shoulders of an inexperienced employee in the first place. Instead, can’t we try to make sure someone with the keys to a company’s online communities has the experience and savvy for the job?
[Huffington Post]

Spotify Comes To Canada
Popular music service Spotify is heading north and Canadians couldn’t be happier. Although the official launch date is still to be determined, social media lit up with excitement across the country. Some are wondering though if this is perhaps too little too late given how the competition has grown in recent years.
[The Star]

Online Drunk Filters
If you have ever sent a drunk text or made a bad decision with your twitter account during a big night out on the town, then you’ll appreciate the new online drunk filters available through Sydney-based Kudos Knowledge. Although the service can still be ignored, there’s the possibility that a reputation-quashing action will be prevented simply asking “are you sure you want to do that?”

Sobrr Erases Everything
We’re at a crossroads in social media where some platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter catalog while other channels such as Snapchat, Hipe and now Sobrr…erase. If you’re interested in sending and enjoying messages with the comfort that in 24 hours it will disappear, Sobrr might be for you.

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