Reading, Flying & Twerking: Updates and Announcements From Around the Web

There were a number of interesting announcements this week among a variety of brands. Farmers shocked everyone by twerking around a greenhouse to promote their organic GMO-free produce. Taco Bell joined Snapchat and asked users to add them, which likely means they’ll be limiting who gets to see the brand’s snaps. Virgin Galactic reached another milestone in their pursuit of space travel and Reading Rainbow raised over 2 million dollars in less than two days.

Ever seen a farmer twerk?
A small farm in Idaho made waves with their ad to promote a local plant and produce sale. Set to the tune of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”, Peaceful Belly farm showed they know more than just how to start seeds and grow veggies – the crew really has some moves! With over 200,000 views on YouTube, it’s good to see farmers having fun while producing delicious, local food.

Snappin’ with Taco Bell
Taco Bell is the latest brand to check out ever controversial social network, Snapchat. The fact that they are asking followers to add them is the most interesting part – since it seems like they will only be sending snaps to those who follow them. However based on their tweets, many are wondering whether to expect more snaps sent to all Snapchat users – which could be how the website plans to monetize with brands.

Virgin Galactic Spaceflight
The Federal Aviation Administration announced an agreement with Richard Branson’s space venture, Virgin Galactic – which could have customers launching their way into space sometime soon, possibly even this year. Although there are still a number of approvals and insurance factors that need to be figured out first, this is a big step forward. Better start saving for that $250,000 price tag on experiencing suborbital altitude.
[Los Angeles Times]

Remember Reading Rainbow?
LaVar Burton delighted kids of the 80s and 90s this week with an announcement about cult classic, Reading Rainbow. But one reporter is a bit skeptical about the charitable messaging from a now for-profit company – and also raises a few questions about how the funds will ultimately be spend by the organization.
[Washington Post]

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