How to authentically promote diversity with your brand

How to authentically promote diversity with your brand

I’ve always loved this quote by Gandhi:

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”

These past few weeks have felt like a particularly tough test here in Canada. Between the discovery in Kamloops, the anti-Muslim attack, antisemitism incidents on the rise, the and homophobic attack on Toronto island, sadly, it seems our differences are causing more divergence than unity.

What impact does this have on our wellbeing? Our wellbeing as a society impacts our wellbeing as individuals and vice versa, meaning it is crucial that we support and celebrate diversity and inclusivity all around.

What role do brands play in all this? Some brands have taken a strong stand, while others have stayed mum in the face of these events. Are you damned if you do, damned if you don’t as a brand? As a business leader?

I think we are ALL damned if we EACH don’t.

Brands can play a critical role in helping our society unearth the beauty of having reached Gandhi’s “unity in diversity,” thanks to the potential large reach and influence in spreading information.

So, are you and your brand going to be doers? Not sure where to start? We can help you navigate becoming a more inclusive brand. Feel free to drop me a line to discuss.



Wellbeing from around the web


Sephora Canada Amplifies Indigenous Voices with its First-ever National Indigenous History Month Campaign

Sephora launched a campaign to celebrate National Indigenous History Month featuring Indigenous talent, including Anishinaabekwe Artist, Activist and previous Sephora collaborator Sarain Fox who appears in the ad and also acted as campaign advisor. 

The takeaway: This is diversity done right. Not only has Sephora paid tribute to Indigenous cultures but they put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, by partnering exclusively with Indigenous talent for the production of the campaign.



What Does It Really Mean To “Decolonize” Wellness?

Image: Monstera

Many wellness practices and brands borrow from ancient traditions. A growing number of practitioners and experts are encouraging those in the wellness industry to take a deeper look into what they do and question whether there are opportunities for “decolonization.” From decentering whiteness in the wellbeing space; to honouring origins of wellness practices or giving long-overdue credit where credit is due for practices and products.

The takeaway: If your brand takes inspiration from other cultures, how can you show support for those cultures through education, increasing diversity in your organization or through charitable efforts?


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