Rethink Breast Cancer

Rethink Breast Cancer

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Making headlines for Rethink Breast Cancer

The challenge:

  • Cement Rethink Breast Cancer’s position as the authoritative expert on young women and breast cancer
  • Earn top-tier media coverage about the organization’s first-ever needs assessment report, which identified the unique challenges faced by young women (20-45) with breast cancer

What we did:

  • Felicity set out to rally the nation’s support for young women with breast cancer by carefully selecting notable results from the new survey commissioned by Rethink. The survey looks closely at this aspect of cancer rarely reported by the media.
  • The team worked with both Rethink and survivor spokespeople, whose stories brought the report results to life.
  • Felicity ensured media covered key messages of how Rethink was addressing the identified gaps in health care for these young women, while also identifying a call-to-action to garner Canadians’ support for Rethink’s programs.

The results:

  • The attention from media was purely positive, with 25 stories garnering nearly 16 million media impressions across Canada, all of which contained key messages.

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May 12, 2016

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