Lindt the Season

Lindt the Season

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Celebrating Lindt the Season

The challenge:

Felicity was challenged to position Lindt The Season magazine & as the destination for all holiday food, décor and entertaining needs, and drive traffic both in-store and online.

What we did:

  • Felicity created an integrated, multi-faceted approach to generate awareness through both traditional and influencer channels.
  • New seasonal Lindor truffle flavours were seeded with influencers to mark the official start of the holiday season.
  • The magazine was then brought to life in an exclusive ‘Lindt Your Season’ media and influencer event where attendees created customized recipes and crafts.
  • Select influencers were also engaged to create and share posts across their platforms.

The results:

  • Twenty-seven influencers received Lindor product generating over 415,000 social media impressions
  • Seventeen guests attended the event resulting in over 1.9K blog/media impressions.
  • Seven blogger posts garnered more than 280,000 blog impressions and over 500,000 social media impressions.

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February 8, 2018

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