Benjamin Bridge

Benjamin Bridge

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Tantalizing Ontario taste buds with Nova 7 wine

The challenge:

    Canada’s most acclaimed sparkling wine house, Benjamin Bridge, approached Felicity to help ignite buzz and support Ontario sales efforts for their Nova 7 brand.

What we did:

  • With the challenge in mind, the team knew it would be critical to get Nova 7 into the hands (and mouths) of those who influence wine opinions and selection.
  • The team conducted extensive research and leveraged existing relationships with top food and wine influencers in Ontario, including wine columnists, event planners, restaurateurs and sommeliers.
  • To highlight the unique features that set Nova 7 apart from the competition, Felicity developed a high-quality influencer kit. The team created supporting materials and performed one-on-one liaison to get the most mileage for the brand.

The result:

  • The program was a very well-received “opening handshake” for Nova 7, placing the wine firmly on the map in this critical market.

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May 1, 2016

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