Lawrence Cummer

Technology Journalist

Lawrence Cummer is a writer and senior communicator with 15 years of experience in writing about technology for periodicals, business and communications agencies. He is former senior writer of the technology trade publications Network World Canada and Communications & Networking Journal.

In addition, Lawrence spent more than eight years as a senior consultant at one of Canada’s leading mid-sized public relations firms, providing expert counsel and managing the day-to-day PR activities of Xerox Research Centre of Canada, and multinationals Enterasys Networks, Juniper Networks, Computer Associates (CA), as well as numerous local Canadian and niche technology clients. In this capacity he leveraged his insights as an experienced journalist and skill as a communicator to help clients build and develop programs that resonated with media and their readers through persuasive, clear and consistent messaging and written content, as well as expert strategic counsel and strong media relationships.

Since 2008, he has provided freelance writing and editorial strategy consulting, building from his experience in turning complex topics into materials understandable for media, laymen and trades people.

Lawrence Cummer
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