Indira Tarachandra

Media Relations Expert

Indira has worked in public relations and marketing for more than fifteen years, spanning non-profit, agency, entertainment, beauty and healthcare, among a variety of additional industries.  She brings the lens of a writer and news reporter to her clients, having worked at Flow 93.5 FM, Sauga 960 AM and OMNI News. With an innate sense of what media is looking for, Indira is highly experienced at creating nuanced pitches, and regularly places stories in the country’s largest national, regional and local media outlets, including major trade publications.  Past clients include The Scarborough Hospital Foundation, Ma’at Legal Services, the Canadian Cinema Editors, Guyana Help the Kids, Centre of Gravity Circus School and Big Coat Media – the producers behind the hit franchised Canadian lifestyle television show, Love It or List It, Love It or List It Vancouver and Love It or List It Vacation Homes.

Indira has a BA in radio and television arts from Ryerson University and a post-graduate diploma in corporate communications from Seneca College.

Indira Tarachandra
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Is wellbeing washed up?

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