New Tools, New Views: From a YouTube Twitch Hitch to Global NASA Selfies

This week Facebook continued to prove they aren’t done innovating yet with new audio recognition features that can tell what you’re listening to or watching. The latest potential $1 billion acquisition of Hitch by Google has everyone wondering how this will change – and hopefully improve — the YouTube experience. NASA unveiled the global selfie created in honour of Earth Day, and Toronto cold case investigators gave a little bit of hope to the families of 500 murder victims by targeting social media to uncover new leads.

What’s That Sound? Facebook knows.
Facebook monitoring your movements is nothing new, but did you know they can now tell what you’re listening to? What you’re watching? Fortunately this new feature is opt-in, but you’ll have to turn it on first before a marathon of Family Guy shows up on your Facebook Timeline.

Will YouTube and Twitch Get Hitched?
A deal is on the table for Google to buy Twitch, a livecasting website for videogamers that has exploded into 1 million members broadcasting and 45 million users watching an average of 106 minutes of video every day. These huge numbers could mean big things for YouTube, where gameplay videos already represent a significant portion of their content.

36,000 Photos = One Spectacular Selfie
When NASA asked “where are you now?” on Earth Day, over 35,000 people from around the world responded with a selfie. All of these images have been used to create an incredible collaborative image that depicts Earth, with the ability to zoom in on individual pictures across the global.
[Daily Mail]

Social Media for Solving Murder Cases
Toronto homicide investigator Brian Borg wasn’t satisfied with letting 500 cold cases stay dormant. Using social media to spread the word will hopefully revive awareness and interest from the community, providing a little bit of peace for the families left behind.

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