Let’s Get Digital: Online Video, Hipe, Facebook Emotions & The Origin of Instagram

If you’re going to place a bet on digital advertising – or any advertising, for that matter – online video has become the frontrunner tactic, according to one new report. However, still images and animated GIFs shouldn’t be discounted, especially as new image messaging service Hipe takes off among the teenage crowd. Meanwhile, Facebook is under ever more critical scrutiny for the questionable emotion study conducted in 2012. Plus…did you know the original name for Instagram?

Betting On Digital Video
A new study from Business Insider calls out exponential benefits of digital video advertising. Although there is still the challenge of ensuring your video is impactful and relevant, the opportunity is only growing – even in comparison to other popular trends, such as mobile.
[Business Insider]

What’s All The Hipe?
Move over, Snapchat – Hipe is here to take over the youthful quickspeed messaging movement. When a message is sent, friends have just 99 seconds to respond before content disappears. Will we collectively move away from social networks providing extensive histories of all our messages and movements? That remains to be seen. But in the meantime, Hipe is one to watch.

Emotional About Facebook
Feeling creeped out about Facebook’s efforts to determine how social media impacts your mood? You’re not alone. After the company manipulated the newsfeeds of 700,000 users, they have come under fire by Canada’s privacy commissioner who has further questions about whether participants provided adequate informed consent.

I’ll Have A Burbn
There may be more to why your Instagram feed is perpetually filled with food and drink photos. That’s because the app was originally far more complicated and named after the founder’s love of Kentucky whiskeys. Although you would hardly recognize it as a first step toward the popular photo-sharing app, Burbn demonstrated just how hungry people were – and continue to be – for simple, social, photo sharing.

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