The Latest in Tech: Checking In, Power Pinning, Encrypted Emailing and…Flapping?

There were several big announcements in the world of tech and gaming this week. First, we saw more context around an eyebrow-raising move to split Foursquare into two apps. Then there was a massive investment in everyone’s favourite place to plan for weddings, babies, and all the things you can do with a pile of wooden pallets. On a more serious note, Google made a substantial improvement in their email encryption capabilities while on a much less serious note, Flappy Bird is making a comeback.

Have you checked in to Swarm?
Whether you’ve checked out Swarm yet or not, you’re probably familiar with its (older) sister company, Foursquare. Why their leadership team decided to divide the app in two may still be a bit of a mystery, but at least now we have a bit more information on what makes Swarm an interesting new contender in the social media space.

Pinterest Raises $200 Million
What do you think Pinterest is worth? Its investors seem to believe upwards of $5 billion. Shockingly, this comes after a $225 million investment less than a year ago…and no indication that the company will be able to generate steady ad revenue on the site.

End-To-End Encryption For Gmail
Google Business has grown steadily over the years and is now the platform of choice for some major corporations (including ours!). So it should come as no surprise that the company needed to up their encryption game for organizations that deal with more sensitive communications.

Get Ready, Get Set, Flap!
Remember that addictive game? The one everyone was talking about – and couldn’t stop playing – last year? Well, if you’ve been looking for a new way to interact with friends, soon you’ll have a multi-player version of Flappy Bird to consider as an option. Although its creator says this new version will be less addictive, whether you consider this to be good news or bad may depend on whether you can resist the temptation to flap.

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