Interview with Influencer Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is a savvy and dynamic media maven who’s not shy about speaking her mind, whether it’s from her keyboard or through a microphone. As the co-founder and managing editor of Addicted magazine (, an online lifestyle and entertainment magazine based in Toronto, she’s able to indulge in all things she can’t live without; music, fashion, travel, beauty, and more.

As if her day gig wasn’t intriguing enough, Nadia also happens to be the #ladyboss and MC of Handsome International Men (, an all male ‘Magic Mike’ inspired revue show that’s specifically crafted for women to evoke their confidence, strength and beauty by providing a unique entertainment option that has for so long been the domain of men.

I’ve had the opportunity to work and collaborate with Nadia on several brands over the years and am always amazed by her passionate approach and unabashed attitude towards both work and life. Thank you Nadia for sharing some of your thoughts and inspirations with me for our Felicity community:

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1.) What’s the one book or blog that’s had the most impact on your professional life? Why was this particular book/blog so influential to you?

Just Kids by Patti Smith. When writing is as big a part of your work as it is mine, finding writers that inspire you, that drive you to work on your craft is one of the keys to becoming a better writer. Smith’s way with words is luxurious and comforting, like being wrapped in cashmere in front of a crackling fire. And the story she tells of her and Robert Mapplethorpe’s concurrent rise to fame is just as inspirational to me as the calibre of her writing. The pair took every risk for the sake of their art, and built their careers out of nothing but their passion, their talent and their belief in one another. From sleeping on mattresses on the floor and sharing $0.25 hot dogs for dinner, to becoming two of the biggest names in the history of American art; it’s the ultimate story of success, and it gives me hope and drive for my own career.

2.) What are you working on right now that you are excited about sharing with us?

One ongoing thing that I am always excited about is our monthly Handsome International Men shows.  I’m more excited now than ever because this year, we have been getting record audience numbers. To me, that means that our hard work in building this brand, creating marketing strategies and investing in ourselves is paying off. Now more and more women are not only hearing about us, but coming out to our events as well. And seeing the happy faces of these women from the stage every month brings me such joy. They’re so excited to have this entertainment experience made just for them, in a way that’s fun and sexy, while still safe and accessible. Knowing that my company is growing and becoming more successful and that we’re making women feel great, these are just some of the rewards that come from being a part of this amazing business. Our next show is June 23rd, I hope some of your readers come on out!

3.) What’s the one piece of advice do you wish you’d had earlier in your career? Why?

Listen to your gut, and never be afraid to stand up for yourself. Those things seem so simple to me now that I’m working for myself and with people that I can truly be myself with, but when I was working in the corporate world, things weren’t so simple. Office politics, the pressure to fit in when you’re not quite at home in a straight laced corporate world, where sometimes you wonder what it is exactly what you’re working towards; it’s easy to stop listening to your inner voice and just work hard and do what you think you “should” be doing. That experience taught me a lot about who I am and what matters to me, and I’m glad I went through it, but I’m also very glad to be past it. I’m far happier and more comfortable in my life, work, and self than ever!

4.) What skills do you believe will distinguish good leaders from great leaders in the future? What are you personally doing to hone these skills today?

I think the difference between a good and a great leader, is that to be good, you generally just have to follow the path laid out before you, and stay steady on that path. You know how to achieve your goals, and how to lead your team to those achievements. You get the job done.

But to be great, on top of getting the job done, you’ve constantly got to be on the lookout for how to do better.  You have to be nimble in your thinking and innovative in your execution. Whether it’s keeping an eye out for, or even creating, new revenue streams (a constant challenge in the digital media world), creating new, mutually beneficial partnerships, or maintaining and improving existing relationships, you’re always working towards the next level, while simultaneously appreciating what you’ve created and nurturing what you’ve built. That heightened awareness of what needs to come next is something that I am always working on.

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