Hyperlapse, Clickbait, Flight School for Twitter and A Visualization of the Internet

As if Instagram wasn’t addictive enough, the company has come out with a new app to up the game of any would-be short (and we mean short!) filmmaker. Meanwhile, Facebook is tweaking their algorithms to try and curb the constant onslaught of clickbait, while Twitter tries to entice marketers with a more comprehensive ‘school’ for their ad options. Finally, a global view of connectedness offers a tangible look at the internet.

Introducing Hyperlapse
Instagram just keeps innovating, this time with a complementary app, Hyperlapse. Already several brands have started using the tool to create what looks like expensive time-lapse film at only a fraction of the effort and cost.

Facebook’s Clickbait Crackdown
Tired of all those articles claiming that if you just click the link you’ll be blown away by images, stories or videos you’ve never seen before? So is Facebook. However, in their efforts to curb the amount of clickbait infiltrating everyone’s newsfeeds, they might just be giving them more of an edge.

Twitter Flight School
After years of trying to get marketers to give their ad platform a try, Twitter is expanding their services to include a ‘flight school’ where marketers can learn the latest about new product offerings. But will that be enough for Twitter to take a bigger bite of social ad spending?

A Map of the Internet
If you’ve ever wondered what the Internet might look like, this visualization of every single connected device might just quench your curiosity. Possibly even more fascinating than the glimpse of where connectedness happens is the fact that it took less than twenty hours to put the whole thing together.

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