How savvy are your consumers?

How savvy are your consumers?

The pandemic affected the wellness industry in many ways. Some were negative, like the advent of conspirituality, and some were positive, like the growing interest (and spending) in wellness. Consumers are constantly being reminded to “listen to the science” and are educating themselves on the facts behind their favourite wellbeing products. This makes for a savvier audience—and that’s a good thing. Savvy consumers choose brands with smart, fact-based messages and high-quality products. And aren’t those the kinds of marketers we all want to be? This edition of MarketWell aims to arm you with the insight you need to market to your savvy new audience.




Wellbeing from around the web


2022 Healthy Resolutions from Healthline Media

Healthline has released its predictions for wellness trends in the new year, including data-driven sleep, financial wellbeing and stress-care.

The takeaway: While the trends are all over the map, we see a common thread: consumers are becoming better informed and are interested in taking control of their health and wellness. Learn how to reach this audience of wellbeing DIY-ers.





Kraft Peanut Butter Sets Out to Make Peanut Allergy Medication Cost Peanuts

The makers of Kraft peanut butter have set up a fund to help people with serious allergies offset the cost of epinephrine medication. Less than 50 percent of those with anaphylaxis have access to the medication and it’s thought that this has to do with the cost. Each auto-injector pen is about $120.

The takeawayWhy would a company that makes peanut butter market to people who can’t eat peanut butter? At the heart of it, the company is doing something good for consumer wellbeing, and by serving those outside its target market, it’s “spreading” brand love and awareness. Of course, Kraft Heinz makes a lot of products—many without peanuts—and when people feel good about a company, they’re more likely to buy from them.





MarketWell Voices

This month we spoke with Felicity client Alyssa Rolnick, co-founder of Zax’s Original, about the origins and evolution of the brand, the trends she has seen in the last year, and her thoughts on how they will impact what’s to come.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to pay more attention to our health and wellbeing and the many factors that can affect it. It seems that people are now looking to live a more clean and natural way of life and that includes what they put on their skin…Offering products that are affordable during this economically challenging time is going to be very important as many more consumers are increasingly price conscientious.”

Read the full interview here.



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